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Preconstructional Survey

A preconstructional survey carried out by an independent loss adjustment company is pre-eminently suited as a preventive measure.
Preconstructional surveys amply pay for themselves and prevent endless discussions about both unwarranted and also warranted claims.
TOP Expertise carries out a preconstructional survey from the point of view of a loss adjuster. This is conducive to the settlement of a claim, also without the intervention of an insurer.
The quality of a preconstructional survey must not be open to doubt. Our surveys are carried out in conformity with the regulations of the NIVRE (Dutch institute of chartered loss adjusters). Our adjusters are registered in NIVRE’s constructional survey register.
Within the scope of a preconstructional survey, a visual inspection is made of the building at issue and the existence of any defects is registered in writing and photographically.
We will be happy to advise you about the necessity of a preconstructional survey prior to the commencement of your operations (such as earthworks, compaction of layers of sand, pile-driving work, installation/extraction of sheet piles, groundwater dewatering, demolition work etc.) .
Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page for an appointment, tender or advice, free of any obligation on your part.