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Loss Adjustment

You, as a principal, housing corporation or property administrator, have charged a building contractor with the renovation of a housing complex which is occupied.
Although you and the building contractor make every effort to prevent damage, unforeseen circumstances may always present themselves and lead to damage.
The claims with which you will be faced may be warranted, but sometimes they are not. Whatever the case … the claims will have to be adjusted.

The deductible under the terms of your liability insurance is high, the adjustment of claims takes much time or, worse still, you do not wish to have negative premium statistics at the end of the insurance year.
It is our job to relieve you of such burdens! The TOP Expertise loss adjusters carry out the inspections, adjust the loss and subsequently arrange a settlement with the occupant(s)/your tenant. We carry out our loss adjustment activities at a fixed / prearranged rate.

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