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We have expertise in the inspection of technical damage and in carrying out investigations into the circumstances, cause and extent of a claim. The extent is estimated and assessed in consultation with the parties involved. An in-depth investigation into the question of who is at fault, the contractual relations and the liability aspects constitutes an essential part of our activities. We report all results of our investigation and illustrate our findings with photographs and/or drawings. On the basis of our final report our principal can decide whether or not indemnification should be paid.
The TOP Expertise team is specialized in the handling of claims in the field of construction, infrastructure, mechanical engineering and installation techniques.
For a number of our principals we provide loss adjustment services. In addition to the assessment of the extent of the repair costs we determine, on the basis of the policy conditions, which part of the costs is covered under the policy. The applicable deductible is deducted from the loss amount and the loss amount to be paid out is reported to the principal.
Our loss adjustment services are carried out mainly in the field of Construction All Risks (CAR) insurances, liability insurances for businesses/persons, transport/assembly insurances, professional liability insurances, work equipment liability, work equipment bodywork, machinery breakdown and MTPL insurances.


International loss adjusters & surveyors